Liquid Web Sets Up Cloud Platform at Festival

Liquid Web recently set up a Cloud Platform at the Common Ground Music Festival in Lansing, Michigan. The event lasted seven days and was a celebration of music. The web host managed to set up its own pavilion for all seven nights of the festival.

Of the music fans who appeared, nearly 500 of them were Liquid Web employees and their local clients, given tickets as a thank you for all their hard work.

Some of the bands that played the festival on various nights included Ludacris and The Barenaked Ladies.

The Liquid Web Cloud Platform included a tent to protect the site from the weather, luxurious couches, and beverages. They wanted to make people feel as welcome as possible. As well as receiving a number of prospective customers, Liquid Web clients like TechSmith also appeared to greet the platform.

The Cloud Platform was a way to help promote cloud computing in the local area. Lansing is an important commercial area for Liquid Web and it has worked hard to stave off the competition here. The company has committed to increasing awareness of the brand, and appearing at a major event has done much to bolster its efforts.

Observers say this is a positive step forward for the company. They say it is something different and it makes it stand out from its competitors. While it lacks an official convention like some of its big name competition, the company has done much to attract new customers by coming up with such novel ideas.

The main product on show was the Storm Platform. This cloud computing system allows customers to scale their cloud structures according to their needs at the time. According to the company, it allows clients to get the most value for money because they are only paying for what they are using.

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