Liquid Web Speaks on its ‘Heroic Support’ Experience

Liquid Web has “opened up” on its official blog about what it calls its Heroic Support initiative in its attempts to offer a more detailed insight into the company. It says it wants to go beyond what is expected from customer support departments.

They proudly claimed that while their competitors offered a high level of customer support, none of them offered Liquid Web’s level of support.

Their staff members want to provide answers as quickly as possible, which go towards solving the problem. Their philosophy revolves around offering staff members who intimately understand the hosting needs of customers, as well as being familiar and has access to the physical data centre.

Liquid Web has three types of heroic support available: Self-Managed, Core Managed, and Fully Managed. These range from offering 24-hour tech support to full support for the control panel and free external migrations.

Company literature states: “At Liquid Web we have a long-standing reputation for industry leading Heroic Support onsite, 24/7/365 in our state-of-the-art data centers. But a large portion of the safety net protecting our users’ valuable enterprises is created by our SLA.”

On their website, the Heroic Support team has a monthly scoreboard detailing how many calls and queries they have answered. They give detailed statistics on how long they took to address each problem. This level of transparency is another way the company wants to differentiate itself from its competitors domestically and globally.

Observers praise the company for giving the general public an insight into its customer support department. While they aren’t as big as some of the global web hosting brands are, this is where it can effectively compete and win.

Another feature of its Heroic Support is preventing problems before they happen. This pragmatic approach, in the company’s mind, will please their customers’ more than simply addressing problems as and when they do happen.

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