Liquid Web Supports Perl with Financial Donation

A few months ago powerhouse Web hosting provider Liquid Web completed an upgrade of its Storm on Demand cloud servers. As part of the upgrade the company says the development of its software was greatly advanced by the use of the Perl programming language. In order to show their support and appreciation, and help continue the development of Perl, Liquid Web has committed to a $10,000 donation to the Perl Core Maintenance Fund.

Liquid Web has long been a supporter of Perl and its developers, having utilized the language in building the infrastructure for its entire web hosting system. Perl has been used to develop their billing systems, network monitoring systems, and support service packages. Giving back to the Perl Foundation as a means of helping to encourage further development just seemed like a natural fit for Liquid Web.

Liquid Web CEO Matthew Hill said as much in an official statement which read in part, “Supporting Perl’s continued excellence ensures that important programs that have proven invaluable to Liquid Web’s success will continue to perform to our specific needs.”

Perl was first developed in the late 1980s by software developer Larry Wall. His originally intention was to produce a scripting language for UNIX to make report production more streamlined. Since then Perl has been further developed into a cross-platform language used by developers all over the world. Wall still supervises development of the core language as it evolves.

Perl is freely available for use to developers under the GNU General Public License.

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