Liquid Web Updates Storage to Streamline Scaling

Web hosting company Liquid Web has installed a major update for its block storage functions. According to the company, this will enable more efficient rapid scaling. Furthermore, users will be able to cross mount volume with more than a single server at the same time.

Cross mounting involves commanding multiple servers to read and write data at the same time from the same source. It decreases the amount of time it takes to perform server maintenance functions.

Rapid Upgrades 

This is yet another upgrade from Liquid Web. Just a few weeks ago, they further enhanced their block storage with their new customer support team called Heroic Support. Liquid Web says this comes from its policy on engineering. They are always looking for new ways to improve their services.

Currently, it takes a significant amount of time to alter the server to scale to a specific project. This upgrade will now allow users to complete it in a matter of seconds as it can quickly scale across its entire range of data storage limits.

Cross Mounting 

The most substantial change is the implementation of cross mounting. Users will be able to attach a single block of storage to multiple servers. It will make transferring data to one or more servers faster and more efficient. Customers using websites with load balancing and clustered filing systems will gain the most from the implementation of cross mounting.


Observers say the biggest advantage of these changes is the fact that Liquid Web now offers functions the likes of Amazon does not. The company has provided itself with a unique selling point. No other company on the market can match it.

The company intends on rolling out a new marketing campaign to promote these changes. Whilst it has a new unique selling point, it must promote it and educate users so they can see the benefits of Liquid Web. Either way, it demonstrates the company is more than capable of competing with the industry’s big players.

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