Liquid Web’s Infrastructure Popular with Enterprises

Liquid Web’s infrastructure has found popularity with enterprises wanting to leverage big data using the Hadoop programming framework.

Usage of the infrastructure by app marketing analytics companies has boomed, according to the company. They say using Hadoop allows them to combine and compare large datasets on Liquid Web’s servers. It helps define future marketing plans and discover correlations in the way customers act.

App marketing analytics companies must provide reliable data on web traffic to their customers. Hadoop’s ability to handle large amounts of data allows them to provide reliable data in a way the customer can understand. It puts them ahead of the competition.

Liquid Web only recently made Hadoop available as part of its services. It is a Java-based framework that supports sets of data through distributed computing. Companies using the framework can power their applications on servers that use thousands of nodes collecting huge amounts of information.

Moreover, it is capable of being scaled according to the size of the data. For example, it can run in clusters as large as 100 Petabytes; a limit most companies will never hit.

The advantages of using this framework are that it’s easy to use, offers complete control, and it has been highly regarded as a top quality analysis tool. The company said it did not take a genius to work, but tech buffs could still have the advanced control they wanted.

Hadoop splits the work so part of it goes to Liquid Web’s servers. This increases the speed of the application and provides results quicker than ever before. Yahoo, eBay, Adobe, and IBM have also used similar services.

Liquid Web claims Hadoop and its servers provide clients with the opportunity to make the most of the data they have collected. They said this makes it easier than ever to unravel complex sets of data and translate it into something useful and relevant.

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