LiquidWeb Boosts its Storm High Performance Block Storage

LiquidWeb, a web-hosting provider, revealed it has updated its Storm High Performance Block Storage. The product will now have enhanced scaling, cross-mounting options, and can write data across multiple servers.

These upgrades come hot on the heels of the November release of Liquid Web Block Storage. The company revealed the upgrades came because of its commitment to continuing progress. During the launch, the storage instance had a range of between 100GB at its lowest end and 15TB at its absolute maximum. With the upgrades, the low end of the spectrum now sits on 150GB. The major news came with the scaling issues, though. In a matter of seconds, the new system can scale across its entire range.  This is advancement on before where there was a short delay.

The cross mounting function will enable users to attach one block storage volume across a number of servers at the same time. LiquidWeb claimed this: “opens the door to a more dynamic performance for users that regularly utilize clustered file systems or load balanced websites.”

Observers expect the new cross mounting update to boost the portfolio of the web-hosting provider since Amazon’s version, Elastic Block Storage, does not yet have this function. It is also an improvement on a number of other web hosting companies’ offerings.

When the hosting company released this product, they ran a live demonstration. The video archive of this demonstration is still available on the LiquidWeb website for new customers to review.

The founder of LiquidWeb and acting CEO, Matthew Hill, said in a press release, “I’m encouraged and excited to see our block storage capabilities expanding so quickly.” He continued to talk about the praise it is so far gained, “Storm HPBS has already gained a number of high profile and wholly satisfied users that will find that these increased capabilities put it in an echelon that includes few peers.”

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