LiquidWeb’s Heroic Promise – Answer times under a minute

Over the years, Liquid Web has built a reputation of being a web host that provides above par support. The American web hosting company has dubbed its support team the Liquid Web Heroic Support and strive to hold true to its Heroic Promise. This week Liquid Web announced its Initial Response Guarantee, through which they ensure answer times to phone and live chat requests under a minute.

Liquid Web already had a 30 minute helpdesk and hardware replacement guarantee and now guarantees an initial response in less than 59 seconds to all requests that are made through Liquid Web’s live chat or through telephone.

Liquid Web’s Heroic promise is divided in three parts; pre-order, during the order, after the order.

Before a client signs up with Liquid Web, the web host guarantees that their knowledgeable highly-trained sales staff will be available 24 hours a day, via phone or Live chat. Liquid does not require long-term contracts, customers can cancel at any time, and all costs are known from the start. They also keep informative content on their website and keep their list of inventory up-to-date.

During the order process, Liquid Web’s fulfillment time exceeds Industry standards, while keeping communication open and transparent throughout the setup. Setup techs verify customer orders, and a technical review of the hosting environment is provided.

Finally, all active LiquidWeb customers can benefit from a highly-trained and proactive support staff 24/7/365.

And if they ever miss one of their guarantees’ deadline, Liquid Web credits its customers 10X the amount it missed it by. For more information about Liquid Web’s Heroic Support Promise, visit their website

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