Live View Feature in Shopify


Among the many strengths of the Shopify platform is the volume of analytics tools it offers. Experienced e-commerce retailers know how important analytics are to keeping a business on track. We suspect a lot of them were pleased to learn that Shopify offers a very recent analytics tool they call Live View. If your Shopify set-up includes the online store channel, you can use Live View to track what is happening in your store in real time.

If you go to the analytics section of the Shopify Admin, you will immediately see an analytics overview presented in a dashboard format. Among the many things you can monitor in this dashboard are:

  • Conversion rates
  • Average order values
  • Traffic sources
  • Repeat customer rates
  • Total sales.

All this information can be compiled in detailed reports to help you truly understand how your business is doing. Now imagine seeing some of that same data in real time. That is the point of the new Live View feature. Rather than simply tracking day-by-day or week-by-week, you can track your store minute-by-minute.

Always Know What is Happening

Shopify first released the new feature by framing around Black Friday and Cyber Monday. That was a wise decision, given the tendency of online retailers to obsess over their numbers on those two days. Live View gave retailers an opportunity to immediately see the effects of their marketing efforts on what are normally the two busiest shopping days of the year.

Moving beyond Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Live View makes it possible for Shopify users to always know what is happening with their stores. In Live View, retailers can see data that includes:

  • the number of visitors currently in the store
  • total numbers of visits and sales for the day
  • the number of active shopping carts
  • the number of people who checked out in the last few minutes
  • the number of completed transactions in the last few minutes.

There is more information in Live View than what’s listed here. The point is this: Shopify now gives users yet another tool to keep track of their stores. Anyone who knows anything about analytics is aware of just how important this information is. Real-time data offers valuable feedback whenever a retailer adds new products, launches a special promotion, offers a giveaway, etc.

Using Live View

Using the new feature is as easy as can be. Just login to the Shopify admin, then navigate to Analytics>Live View. On a mobile device, you can drag around the screen to see the data that interests you. A desktop or laptop PC should display all the data on your screen at once. You can even go full-screen if you want to.

If you are a Shopify user with an active online store channel, Live View is a tool you should absolutely check out. It could change the way you look at analytics. At the very least, it will give you real-time data about your store.

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