Logicworks Completes General Release of Logicworks Healthcare Cloud

Following last week’s announcement on the general release of Logicworks Healthcare Cloud, the company has completed this general release.

Web hosting provider Logicworks launched the Healthcare Cloud after initially releasing this HIPAA-compliant cloud computing service as part of a limited release in late 2012. This useful service aids healthcare clients in launching and scaling their applications efficiently. It streamlines information sharing between users, and it is effective at deploying huge amounts of data.

Developers created the Logicworks Healthcare Cloud using the VMware vCloud Suite, as well as the architecture from EMC’s references for the healthcare industry. As well as a data sharing solution for healthcare clients, it possesses a disaster recovery service. In the unlikely event of something happening to the cloud, clients can still retrieve their important data.

The company says part of this inspiration for the cloud comes from its changing Business Associate Agreements. It wants to ensure it meets each area of the agreements for the benefit of its customers.

Prior to general release, the Logicworks Healthcare Cloud received testing through deployment with a variety of application providers, global IT consultancies, and healthcare providers of all sizes.

Kenneth Ziegler, the CEO of Logicworks, commented via a company statement, “Protecting personal health information is a vast responsibility that requires a huge amount of investment in controls, policies, and procedures in order to get it right.” He continues to talk about the web host’s clients: “We ensure that the infrastructure our clients entrust us with meets the standards of the governing bodies who count on us to protect their data – whether it is for State or Federal projects, care providers, or insurance companies, we customize our infrastructure solutions to meet their application requirements with best-in-class technology partners.”

Investors consider this new service a shrewd move by Logicworks. Healthcare-specific applications have gained incredible momentum in recent years, especially within global private healthcare sectors.

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