Logo Tips for Shopify Store Owners


The average Shopify user knows how important graphic images are to driving sales. However, many do not know the best way to use images. A good case in point is the company logo. There are good and bad ways to use logos for the purposes of building brand awareness that will drive sales.

Your average Shopify theme accommodates a company logo for obvious reasons. But not all themes are created equally. Some are friendlier to graphics than others – especially where logos are concerned. Here are some helpful tips you can put in place to make the best use of your logo:

1. Think Wide Screens

Shopify themes tend to play better with wider images. Why? Because most computer screens these days are designed with a 16:9 aspect ratio. Even when people are using mobile devices, they tend to rotate their screens horizontally to make the best use of limited space.

It is best to think wide when developing a logo for your Shopify store. If you are designing it yourself, choose a resolution based on the 16:9 ratio. Any professional designer should already know to do this.

2. Consider Multiple Resolutions

Logo design should always incorporate multiple resolutions. This is important because there are numerous places within your Shopify theme where your logo could be utilized. A single resolution image may not work well in all of them. By designing your logo in multiple resolutions, you will have more options.

3. Avoid Incorporating Text

According to Shopify theme and online marketing expert Michael P. Hill, you should avoid creating a logo image with text included. Text tends to degrade, and some Shopify themes utilize predefined spaces that may cause text to be cut off on the edges.

Hill suggests using the Shopify theme itself to add text to logos. This requires a theme that allows you to do so (and not all of them do) so keep that in mind. You should find that most modern themes allow adding text and styling.

4. Don’t Settle for Low Quality

Lastly, do not settle for a low-quality logo that looks like something designed by an automated free website bot. While brand awareness is not absolutely critical in the world of Shopify, it is still important. A low-quality graphic can be very unhelpful in developing a positive brand image that your customers will remember.

Hill recommends spending money to have a logo professionally designed if you don’t have anyone on your team with at least moderate graphic design skills. The money invested in a high-quality logo now will pay off in big returns down the road.

Your Shopify store is your window to the world. Just as you look out that window on the vast sea of potential customers, your customers are looking through the window at your company. So make sure what they see is appealing to them. Offer them a well-designed logo that looks good no matter what device they are using to access your store.


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