3 WordPress Tips to Make Blog Writing Easier


WordPress was originally developed as a content management system for bloggers. As such, it has quite a few built-in tools to make posting easy. You may already know this. But if you are a serious blogger who updates often, do you know all the little tricks for increasing efficiency?

Below you will find three helpful tips to make your blog writing easier. Bear in mind these tips are written assuming you are using the WYSIWYG editor to create posts and pages. If you are doing everything in text mode, you probably don’t need our help anyway.

Tip #1 – Change the Size of the Editor

Ever since WordPress developers added the ability to expand the editor to full-screen, hard-core bloggers have been in love with the function. Going full-screen allows for typing away without any distractions. Still, a problem here: the full-screen editor makes it impossible for you to see what your text will look like once published. Why? Because it is so big.

You can stay in full-screen mode while reducing the size of the editor with a simple keystroke shortcut. Take your cursor out of the editor, click anywhere else on the screen, and then use the following keystroke combinations:

  • Reduce the size with CTRL –
  • Increases the size with CTRL +

By the way, you enter full-screen mode by clicking the icon at the far right of the editor window. It looks like arrows pointing to each of the four corners of a small computer screen.

Tip #2 – Learn Some Basic Keyboard Shortcuts

Navigating the WordPress editor using your mouse is certainly possible, but it can be time-consuming and frustrating. No worries. Built-in keyboard shortcuts make it possible to still utilize all the functionality of the WordPress editor without ever touching your mouse. Here are just a few examples:

  • Alt + Shift + t inserts the ‘Read More’ tag wherever your cursor is currently located
  • CTRL + k opens the link box so that you can create a link for selected text
  • CTRL + 1 automatically applies Heading 1 to selected text (CTRL +2, etc. work the same way)
  • ALT + SHIFT + u creates a bullet list (use ‘o’ instead of ‘u’ to create a numbered list)
  • ALT + SHIFT + m inserts an image.

Tip #3 – Remove Formatting Pasted Text

In the toolbar above the text area is a button that looks like a clipboard with a letter ‘T’. As long as this button remains active, any text you paste into your post from another source will be pasted without formatting. This is helpful if you run into funky formatting problems with text from unusual sources. If you want formatted text to be pasted from the clipboard, simply deactivate function by clicking on the button.

Perhaps we will revisit this topic in the future with more helpful tips. For now, these three should help make your blogging experience faster and more efficient than it currently is.

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