How to Make WordPress Posts More Appealing to Readers


Most our WordPress posts deal with nuts and bolts issues like adding images to the sidebar or embedding PDF documents on a page. We want to do something different for this post. We want to discuss one of the most basic aspects of WordPress blogs: making your posts more appealing to readers.

Believe it or not, the visual presentation of a post greatly influences whether it will be read or not long before the reader ever starts looking at actual words. Studies have shown a very definite link between the perception of text on a page and a reader’s willingness to read it. Improving the visual appeal of the text in your blog posts will increase its effectiveness as well.

1. Paragraph Length

If there is one thing we know about internet users who have grown up in the digital age, it is that they have an incredibly short attention span. The last thing a reader wants to be faced with is 1,000 words of text divided into just three super-long paragraphs. The visual perception of large blocks of text immediately suggest to the reader that the text is too challenging or detailed to worry about.

It is best to keep paragraphs to about three or four sentences apiece. Anything longer will turn readers away. Along those same lines, avoid creating a new paragraph with each new sentence. Single sentence paragraphs suggest to readers an incoherence of thought that is the blog writing equivalent of verbal rambling.

2. Headings and Subheadings

WordPress is primarily a blog platform. Therefore, writers should be following the standard rules for headings and subheadings.

Headings and subheadings break up text and, at the same time, provide an outline readers can skim in order to get the general gist of what is being said – before actually reading the entire piece of content. Readers who know what they are getting into before they start reading are more likely to read all the way through.

3. Bullet Points and Numbered Lists

Readers love bullet points and numbered lists over large chunks of long-winded text. Both offer a way to present information in bite sized chunks that are easy to mentally digest. If you want to encourage readers to read your blogs rather than passing them by, start making use of bullet points and numbered lists.

4. Font Choices

Believe it or not, your choice of fonts plays a significant role in determining whether people will read your text or not. Font choices for blog posts should be made with an eye on simple, highly readable text. Stay away from scripted fonts, fonts with a lot of extra window dressing, and basically any font that starts becoming difficult to read after just a few sentences.

Making your WordPress blog posts more visually appealing will increase readership. As long as you are writing content your visitors consider worth reading, just a few aesthetic changes could mean all the difference in the world.

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