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Social media is very important these days. In fact, some companies have prioritized it above more traditional marketing methods simply because it is cheaper, can reach more people more quickly, and can include many different types of media. As of 2015, the king of social media is Facebook, and thousands of businesses use it every day to reach customers. Blog writers also use Facebook to share their posts. While WordPress works nicely with Facebook for the most part, there are some times when it pulls the wrong thumbnail from your post. This WordPress tutorial will show you how to make certain your Facebook links always have the correct image with them.

Adding WordPress Posts to Facebook

It is incredibly easy to add your WordPress posts to Facebook. Just copy the link over, paste it into a status update, and post it. However, when you paste the link, you should see Facebook create a preview of the post. This will include the snippet like you would see on Google, and it will show a small thumbnail. Sometimes, this thumbnail is not what you want, especially if you have multiple images on the post. There are a number of reasons why this image may show instead of the one that you want, but there is a couple of things you can do to fix it.

Manually Make the Change

You can manually upload a new image to the post on Facebook. This image will be added to your Facebook photos, although you can delete it after you make the post if you want. However, if someone shares your post, the image will not be shared with it. That means anyone who finds this link to another person’s profile will be seeing the wrong image.

Use WordPress SEO by Yoast

If you download and install the WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin, you will be able to explicitly select what image is shown when you add a link to Facebook. In addition to specifying the image, this plugin lets you change the description, too. It also includes options for other social networks such as Google+.

How do you do this? Once you have installed the plugin, go to a post and write it as you normally would. Include all of the links, images, etc. Then scroll all the way down to the WordPress SEO box (it’s past the post editor). You will see four different tabs here: General, Page Analysis, Advanced, and Social. While you will probably be interested in all of the options available, the tab we are interested in for now is the Social tab, so click on it.

The first two items on the Social tab are where you specify what you want to display on Facebook. The first section is for your description. Just type in what you wish to appear in the box. The next section is for your Facebook image. Click on the Upload Image button and navigate to the image on your computer that you want to use. Click on Open. Then scroll down and click on the Save button.

Now if you add the link to this WordPress post to Facebook, you should see your custom description and image.

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