Microsoft’s Web Hosting Partners Adopt Cloud Services

Microsoft’s web hosting partners take the majority of Microsoft’s cloud hosting sales due to the organisation driving adoption. Over 14,000 partner web hosts use Windows Server and another 5,500 utilise its latest product in Microsoft Exchange. By consistently encouraging the take-up of these new products, it helps spread the cloud as something that can work alongside conventional web hosting.

The Microsoft Cloud OS is a major part of the organisation’s plans, and by driving web hosts towards their key products they help to secure its future. The Microsoft general manager, server and tools division, Mike Schultz commented in a press briefing, “We’re seeing a huge shift to cloud computing as well as to how hosting service providers play a really key role in that.”

Microsoft made it even easier for web hosts who took up Microsoft Enterprise to transport their customers’ workloads to the cloud by releasing two new cloud services for Windows 2012. These are Windows Azure and Microsoft System Center Service Pack 1 services. These services also allow clients to manage their cloud services through one easy-to-use control panel.

CEO of Applied Innovations, Jess Coburn, spoke of Windows’ Azure services and what it could potentially mean for his business: “Microsoft took the same technology it uses for Azure websites and made it available for hosts to deploy on top of their own infrastructure.” He continued to talk of its impact on hosts and customers, “That’s a big deal because they’re saying ‘Hey guys, we built this hugely scalable platform and it’s a big success, and here you go, we’re giving it to you.’”

This latest move from Microsoft empowers web hosts all around the world to offer more services to its clients without making major investments of their own. As well as promoting the use of the cloud, it enhances web hosts at all levels of the industry.

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