Mochahost Adds Email Marketing Feature

Silicon Valley-based web hosting provider Mochahost has enhanced its shared hosting plans with a new email-marketing feature.

This new feature, available for shared hosting plans, gives customers the function to prepare their email marketing campaigns. They can create professional newsletters using a simple drag-and-drop system.

More importantly, it comes with a selection of simple-to-use template and analytics tools. Now, clients can monitor their progress and ascertain the effectiveness of their campaigns. These detailed analytics allow customers to change and adapt their marketing campaigns in order to meet the current needs of their audiences.

Just some of the things users can track include the amount of newsletter hyperlinks clicked, unsubscribe levels per newsletter, number of newsletters successfully delivered without being purged by spam filters, and the numbers of newsletters users opened. Many of these functions put the company’s new system well ahead of some of the major web hosting companies with only rudimentary email marketing platforms.

Mochahost claims the biggest benefit comes in time gained. The templates and subscription form builders remove much of the hard work associated with creating a potent newsletter system.

Interested parties can take advantage of this new service by investing in either a ‘Mocha’ or ‘Business’ web hosting plan. They start at extremely low prices, which make this a viable option for practically all of Mochahost’s subscriber base. Despite these new additions, the standard email service comes free to all customers, with 12,000 emails every month and a maximum subscriber list of 2,000.

Although nobody from the company itself commented on the new release, observers have praised the company for its ingenuity. This fast-growing company has made yet another astute move in order to cater to its customers in North America. It is fast becoming a specialist professional web hosting solution, especially when it comes to ecommerce websites.

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