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Making it easy for your site’s visitors to share content that they enjoy is an SEO must these days. The SEO benefits of social sharing buttons include heightened visibility, more organic backlinks and a better overall user experience. The best way to manage social sharing options on WordPress is with a plugin like Simple Share Buttons Adder. For most WordPress-based sites, SSBA is the best social sharing button plugin around.

What Does SSBA Do?

In a nutshell, Simple Share Buttons Adder allows WordPress webmasters to quickly add and configure icons for sharing blog posts. From within the back-end admin panel, one can add and remove social network icons and modify their size and appearance. SSBA boasts many gorgeous themes such as Arbenta, Metal, Page Peel, Retro, Ribbons and Somacro as well as the ability to craft custom buttons.

Feature List & Options

SSBA’s default sharing options include email, Buffer, Digg, Facebook, Flattr, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Twitter and Tumblr. If you feel like getting your hands dirty, icons and text can be customized directly via CSS stylesheets. For further functionality, upgrade from the free version to Simple Share Buttons Plus. Paid features include the URL shortener, geotracking, detailed click analytics, hover effects and CSS sprites for Retina displays.

Using Simple Share Buttons Adder

Once installed, the plugin allows for quick sharing button configuration via a handy drag-and-drop interface. Use the built-in analytics to determine which networks get the most shares and trim your list of icons down to a lean half-dozen buttons or so. By upgrading to the paid version, users can pop in custom icon fonts and images without having to wrangle with any CSS.

Why SSBA Is a Must-Have

All too often, site visitors fail to share great blog content with their peers due in large part to lackluster sharing buttons. SSBA helps to alleviate that problem by encouraging shares through the use of visually striking buttons that maximize engagement. Long story short, Simple Share Buttons Adder is a lean plugin that solves a common problem at a price that’s nice.

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