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No matter how powerful your shared, VPN or dedicated hosting may be, there comes a point where bottleneck conditions occur under heavy loads. Serving up thousands of hits a day without making use of caching for redundant requests is simply wasteful. Though simple in theory, caching can be a real headache to employ properly. The good news is that W3 Total Cache makes WordPress caching nearly foolproof for webmasters at every level.

Say Hello to W3 Total Cache

In a nutshell, W3 Total Cache takes the web’s most user-friendly CMS and turns it into a page-serving beast. Its feature roster includes Page, Database, Object and Browser Cache as well as powerful CDN integration, minification options and server monitoring. Aside from world-class CDN management, W3 Total Cache places an emphasis on caching pretty much everything from posts to RSS feeds to CSS files.

Real-World Performance

Based on YSlow and Google Page Speed results, W3 Total Cache can produce a 10X improvement in site performance. By reducing page sizes and caching everything under the sun, it can enable any site to serve up 5MB pages in under a second. W3 Total Cache also allows for nearly instant subsequent page views for repeat visitors. On average, the plugin can reduce load times by 50%.

Why W3 Total Cash Is a Must-Have

The performance gains delivered by W3 Total Cache matter for many reasons, most of which are related to money. For one thing, quick sites rank higher in the search results, which can make a big difference for e-commerce domains. Reduced page load times boost time-on-site statistics and increase sales. Furthermore, it can reduce bandwidth by 80% and save webmasters loads of money on their monthly hosting bills.

Making the Most of It

While W3 Total Cache is amazing by default, a few minor tweaks can really ramp up its horsepower. First, uninstall any other caching plugins you’ve installed. Next, enable pretty much everything but “Cache 404 Pages” in the General Settings. Lastly, use a CDN like CloudFlare to amplify your site’s firepower. With a little finagling, W3 Total Cache will make any site scream.

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