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Regardless of how you build your sites, it’s likely that they’ll employ a fair amount of multimedia. Images can add serious bloat to a page if not kept in check. The sad truth is that image compression isn’t used nearly enough these days by many webmasters. Fortunately, WordPress users have handy access to a painless solution in the form of WP, a tool that makes image compression a breeze.

Say Hello to WP

WP is a plugin that relies on Yahoo’s service to quickly and efficiently minify images. It optimizes JPEGs using cutting-edge loss-less compression so that you get the same image quality while taking up less disk space. It also strips JPEG meta data and converts GIFs into indexed PNGs. For webmasters with development chops, the API enables customized performance for special scenarios.

Real-World Performance

Once you install WP, it automatically compresses JPEGs in the background without any action on your part. While it typically reduces image size by roughly 15%, it can achieve 30% compression depending on the image in question. The Bulk feature offers batch reduction for images uploaded to your site before the plugin was installed. The best part is that it won’t change resolution or aspect ratio.

Why Smush Is a Must-Have

For sites with loads of media, reducing images by 15% on average can save some decent cash on hosting costs. Regardless of size, all sites can benefit from WP in the SEO arena. As search engines place anincreasing emphasis on quick page load times, lean images become all the more important. This can provide a noticeable bump in the SERPs for niche blogs.

Making the Most of It

As great as WP is, it’s not without a few minor catches. For starters, it won’t work with images larger than 1MB. Furthermore, doesn’t work with images that use HTTPS URLs. Despite those drawbacks, WP should be a standard part of any WordPress-based site. It’s 100% free to use and can seriously improve the speed and manageability of your domains.

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