Announces New Security Features

Toronto-Based MyHosting has launched two new security features according to an official company announcement made on December 15, 2011. The two new features are designed to protect a website’s reputation across the Internet as well as monitor the health of a given site in relation to stealth attacks that may have been launched by hackers. The services offer the same sort of protection to a large-scale web environment as an advanced antivirus program offers to a single desktop.

The first of the two services is known as HackerWise Reputation Monitoring. This service tracks the reputation of a given website and alerts the site’s owners if negative comments are showing up across the web. This is especially important in restoring a website’s integrity in the days immediately following a recognized attack. The service includes monitoring various Internet blacklists looking for any connections between the website and spam, fraud, phishing attempts, etc. Website owners will be given a daily report card to keep them abreast of the site’s reputation.

The second service is called HackerWise Health Scanning. It is designed to monitor the individual health of a website owner’s pages in regards to viruses, Trojan horses, and other attacks. The service aims to sniff out embedded attacks before hackers are able to utilize targeted websites to their own advantage. Product Manager Tim Attwood directly addressed the new services saying, “When it comes to website security, knowing is half the battle. A hacked or defaced website can result in theft of sensitive data, a damaged reputation and search ranking, blacklisting, not to mention severely affecting your revenues. It’s more important than ever to keep an eye on your website, and our SaaS-based solution makes the process as easy as possible.”

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