Launches New Mobile Platform

MyHosting, the global Web hosting company based in Toronto, has recently announced the launch of a new mobile website platform allowing customers to build mobile websites quickly and efficiently. The project is based on the company’s partnership with parallels. Parallels launched a similar offering through its Plesk panel last year (2011).’s new goMobi Mobile Website Builder includes a list of exciting services, the most notable being a setup wizard capable of generating a mobile website based on a full-fledged website that already exists. With the platform website builders will be able to add different types of content including reviews, galleries, and product lists, all linked to an existing full-fledged website. The tool is designed to make building a mobile website and linking it to its full-site cousin as easy as possible. According to product manager Tim Attwood, this up-and-coming technology is the wave of the future.

“With search engines like Google indicating that mobile is an upcoming trend webmasters should be aware of, the time to jump on the bandwagon is now,” he said in a recent statement. “Mobile users interact with search results and websites differently than desktop users, and with the mobile segment growing every day, every SMB or website owner should be thinking about grabbing their slice of that pie.”

goMobi Mobile Website Builder comes with a free 30-day trial period and a regular monthly price of just $4.95. Existing customers can access the new service by logging on to their control panels.

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