to Offer New E-Commerce Platform

Citing the need for “effective e-shopping tools” officials at have announced a deal allowing them to offer Pinnacle Cart eCommerce to both current and future customers. The Toronto-based web hosting provider worked with both Parallels and Pinnacle Cart on the deal which allows the highly customizable e-commerce platform to be utilized by customers. According to product manager, Tim Attwood, Pinnacle Cart eCommerce is a “professional-grade e-commerce application that allows us to increase value for our eCommerce shared hosting customers and provides them with customizable tools to create a personalized shopping cart and web store.”

Parallels was included in the deal in order to help make’s control panel compatible with the new shopping platform. This was achieved through the use of the latest version of the packaging standard developed by Parallels. As these packaging standards are being used by more and more web hosting providers, they are changing the way that customers use and apply software as a service (SaaS) packages. In the case of, customers have responded very positively to the partnership thus far.

As far as Pinnacle Cart is concerned, the deal is nothing but good for them as well. By partnering with they get maximum exposure for their e-commerce platform among all different types of businesses. It is a partnership which allows them to reach a whole new customer base and further develop their products. The company is quick to point out the versatile nature of their platform which includes over 400 features and an extremely high level of security.

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