to Start Rewarding Customers for Referrals

The powers that be at Toronto-based have acknowledged in the past that they enjoy great referrals from many of their satisfied customers. Late last week (late January, 2012) the company decided to reward those customers with a brand-new affiliate rewards program. Every time a customer makes referral, and that referral is converted into a new paying customer, the original customer can earn a minimum of USD $75. The commission rate goes higher as the volume of referrals increases.

Affiliate referral programs are nothing new for They already have such a program, through Commission Junction (disclaimer, this very site is part of the program) and ShareASale. However, these two programs are available to professional website owners already in the business of selling web hosting services. This new program brings the average customer into the fold and allows him to earn commissions just like professional marketers. It is one of the ways my hopes to reward customer loyalty.

“Our customers are already referring their friends, family and colleagues, it only makes sense to reward them for that,” says product manager Jeremy Lee Adams. “We appreciate our customers business and the fact that they’re willing to recommend us means they appreciate ours. More than simply rewarding these customers, we want to promote them as one of the team.”

Industry wide, affiliate reward programs are fairly commonplace as well. Such programs are a great way for web hosting companies to tap into a built-in marketing tool. As the thinking goes, happy customers are the best means of advertising and pulling in new ones. Companies who can successfully tap into the potential of their customers for marketing purposes tend to see a better return on their dollar than those who simply rely on more traditional methods of marketing. is obvsiouly aware of that.

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