New 4G Web-Hosting Eliminates Website Downtime

For people looking to build websites in Canada, or anywhere else in the world, few things are as aggravating as what happens when the website host’s server fails or undergoes other conflicts. Every website hosted by that particular server then experiences issues of its own, from outright crashing to loading very slowly. It’s an unfortunate downside that website builders have had to accept and live with for years.

But that may soon be nothing more than an unpleasant memory, at least for those who choose one host in particular. GoDaddy, one of the largest provider of website hosting in the world, has introduced a new and revolutionary technology in website hosting. Called 4GH, Fourth Generation Hosting, it operates from within a cloud and utilizes many servers connected via an intricate network, instead of only one server or several servers that remain disconnected from each other. With GoDaddy’s 4GH technology, if one server malfunctions, another promptly assumes its place and buoys up the websites it hosts, ensuring that none of them fail along with their original server. A similar command ensures that all websites function as they should and do not slow down, even when one specific website experiences a significant amount of added traffic.

There are many other benefits to 4GH, including enhanced security against web attacks. The staff of GoDaddy has collectively been the recipient of SC Magazine’s 2011 “Best Security Team” award, adding further confidence to their specialized Site Defenders feature.

And, unlike what one might think, GoDaddy’s services are not expensive. They offer several website plans and features for different budgets, making it even that much easier to afford a reliable, secure website.

Perhaps someday, 4GH will be a mainstream feature of the Internet. For now, GoDaddy is leading it into the future.

The GoDaddy Group, Inc. was founded in 1997 by Bob Parsons. The Group operates, which is known as one of the biggest domain name registrar and web host in the world.

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