Nexcess Extends Magento High-End Cluster Options

Web hosting provider Nexcess announced it had improved its Magento Hosting Solutions. Its biggest change appeared with the release of a new high-end cluster package geared towards its enterprise packages.

This expansion for Magento means this ecommerce platform’s MCE-SIP-400 package can now act as the foundation for a cluster that is both scalable and flexible. It now handles changes in load through including a variety of additional server configurations that switch on and off as required.

The organisation commits itself to delivering solutions for ecommerce stores through increasing flexibility and scalability. It currently serves 110,000 websites globally and deals with merchants using its platform. This translates to millions of dollars’ worth of transactions every year. Nexcess has worked to capture this slice of the customer base through prominent sites like Amazon and eBay, according to the senior director of platform partnerships Jeff King.

This latest cluster option increases the CDN bandwidth to its new high of 10,000 GB. Half of this number includes delivery network bandwidth for content. It also uses two Eight Core E5-2450 Sandy Bridge Processors, two 73 GB 10K SAS drives, six Dell Power Edge R420 servers, 24 GB of RAM, and a Dell Power Edge 1950 load balancer.

Customers using this cluster option have access to a variety of additional staging servers, payment bridges, and security options. These are backed up by powerful database servers from Dell.

The CEO and president of the company, Chris Wells said, “We’re proud to be able to take care of ecommerce clients of all sizes with maximum performance, up to and including the largest enterprise clients.” He continued to speak about Nexcess and Magento itself, “Coupled with our long experience in Magento hosting, the in-house expertise we’ve developed over the years, and our phenomenal support team, we can confidently say that Nexcess should be first on the list for anyone that’s serious about hosting a Magento site right.”

This range of updates all comes as part of its expansive business strategy for 2013 where it hopes to make major gains.

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