Nexcess Moves Further into Australian Market

Web hosting provider Nexcess announced the expansion of its hosting services in Australia. The services will centre on the major Australian city of Brisbane later in March (2013).

This is a major expansion for the company. Since its inception, it has acquired two data centres: one in the US and one in the UK. These are the centres for its operations in the North American and European markets respectively. With the expansion into Brisbane, it will have a base in which to increase its profile in the Australasia region.

The CEO and president of Nexcess, Chris Wells, described the move as massive for the organisation. He also said, “We decided to base ourselves in Australia because it’s a booming market full of innovation, and there is huge potential to bring more purpose built hosting solutions to the region at lower latencies.”

Nexcess’ focus on ecommerce hosting, via the platform of Magento, will feature as part of its range of managed hosting options in the Australian market.

The Australian market is a booming web hosting market. A variety of companies from both Europe and North America have identified the benefits of moving into this highly lucrative area of the world. It is a high-growth market and a variety of new data centres have been opened throughout the country.

From the Brisbane data centre, Nexcess will deliver a variety of services to the rest of Australia, New Zealand, and a number of high-growth economies throughout Southeast Asia. Nexcess also revealed its data centre would include power and cooling systems that have N+1 redundancy for maximum uptime, full mesh capabilities, and an additional 1000 litres of diesel fuel on-hand should the data centre suffer from a loss of power.

Generally, customers can expect the same services available to the company’s core markets of North America and Europe.

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