Novosoft Launches New Free Protective Software

International company Novosoft announced the release of a line of free software dedicated to backing up some of the most popular cloud hosting software in the world.

Novosoft announced its plan to release these new software products onto the general market with the view to combating the problems posed by protecting personal data in the cloud. The technology, which is based on Handy Backup, will automatically integrate the new software into the user’s existing cloud provider. Users can expect to see the new software in action in January 2013.

Nataly Sigaeva, who heads the Marketing Department for Novosoft said: “We’ve always been open and looked for partnership opportunities with businesses from very different fields of the IT industry.” She continued to say: “This is one of the reasons why Handy Backup has a modular architecture: it can be quickly customized for the needs of each specific partner. The new products will provide an easy way to back up files to popular storage services, through the use of plug-ins that we are working on right now.”

Novosoft already has experience in releasing products dedicated to backing up data in the Cloud with its Handy Backup 7.3.0 program. It consists of a plug-in which synchronises data with the remote servers of webhosts over something known as the WebDAV protocol.

Nataly Sigaeva continued to elaborate on the company’s direction: “While the cheapest edition of Handy Backup with WebDAV support costs $39, its customized versions will be available free of charge.” The head of marketing continued to say: “The first product we are planning to release will allow backing up to CloudMe, a popular file sharing service from Sweden, and this will be the only storage option available in the program. To use other plug-ins, users will have to upgrade to paid versions of Handy Backup.”

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