Open DNS Launches New Security Technology

Open DNS, the California-based open source Internet security firm has recently launched a brand-new product they call a DNSCrypt. This new product is said to provide a significantly greater measure of privacy and security during Internet use. The product is especially useful when connected to the public networks found in cafés, hotels, government buildings, and such. Users of wireless hotspots can also benefit from DNSCrypt.

According to the company, because of the way DNS resolution is handled between provider and user, it is one of the most vulnerable areas of Internet traffic. Oftentimes streams of information are left wide open to intruders who might want to piggyback into a system. By cloaking that digital traffic, DNSCrypt is able to hide it from spying eyes that would otherwise take advantage of it. Not only that, any hackers who do manage to get in are prevented by the script from redirecting traffic without first attempting to make changes in the ongoing process. According to Open DNS CEO David Ulevitch, DNSCrypt will be a great new tool for end users.

“The technology empowers Internet users to secure their own Internet and DNS use and protect themselves from nefarious activity that happens through their DNS connection, but also to insulate themselves from their Internet Service Provider’s uninhibited access to their DNS activity and domain lookup history,” he remarked. “All Internet users have a right to privacy and DNSCrypt gives them both that and a heightened level of security.”

DNS Crypt, which provides security by encrypting the data streams between users and Open DNS, is currently available only for the Mac. The company plans to put the software out through other sources as a means of having it tested and evaluated.

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