Open Source Cloud Storage Grand Unveiling on DreamHost

DreamHost has announced that it’s opening its new open source cloud storage service called DreamObjects. It’s already designed to be compatible with other APIs and has already made some waves amongst other open source partners.

DreamObjects is based off of the open source distributed storage system called Ceph. With the release of DreamObjects it’s expected to compete with the famous Amazon’s S3 and Rackspace’s Cloud Files services.

Complete Integration

The open source base is expected to be the core of the new service, according to the developers at DreamHost. They claim that it will provide greater flexibility and a lower price per gigabyte.

Simon Anderson, the CEO of DreamHost, commented on the release of this latest service by saying that: “DreamHost is on a mission to give every content creator, entrepreneur and developer the freedom to create on the Internet. We do this by launching and supporting awesomely engineered, super-flexible, and über-value web and cloud services, and DreamObjects is definitely in this illustrious category.”

From a cost perspective, users are expected to have a lot of advantages over the other similar services out there. There’s a simple pricing plan of 7 cents for every gigabyte stored and for every gigabyte transferred. This is down from the 10 cents that Rackspace charges and the 12.5 cents that S3 charges. After the initial charges the S3 does have lower prices, but it still makes DreamHost an attractive proposition, which means that Amazon could be adjusting its strategy to compete.

A number of different partners have already pledged their support for DreamObjects. The first one is Intank, which will be providing a number of support services for the storage system Ceph. Another ally of the new service is Canonical as it brought up the fact that its integration is flawless at the CloudOpen conference in August (2012).

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