PEER 1 and Search Laboratory Team up for Online Marketers

Vancouver-based Web hosting company PEER 1 Hosting is teaming up with Internet marketing company Search Laboratory to help give online marketers insight in how to increase their return on investment (ROI) from online advertising. Assistance from the joint effort is available to visitors at the 2012 Internet World conference being held in London this week (April 24-26). Experts from both companies will be available at the E4000 booth to provide consultation, practical device, and hands-on demonstrations.

Among the highlights will be demonstrations they clearly show the effect of web page load times on ad revenues. According to Search Laboratory slow load times decrease Google score, thus increasing the cost of placing ads on the world’s most popular search engine. Online marketers can reduce their ad spending and keep potential customers on their pages longer by reducing load times.

“Page load times are critical to success in terms of getting customers to and keeping them on a web page,” says PEER 1’s Dominic Monkhous. “The worst effect of slow site speed is that buying customers, that a company has paid to get to its site, leave as they have to wait for content to load. A site can have the most exciting and creative PPC or SEO campaign, but if the site is let down at the last hurdle by its hosting provider, the conversion will have been lost.”

Current Search Laboratory customers already know the value of fast load times thanks to PEER 1’s dedicated 10GB network which spans 18 data centres in North America and Europe. The combination of PEER 1’s FastFiber Network™ and RapidEdge CDN™ provides Search Laboratory customers some of the fastest content delivery in the industry.

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