PEER 1 Wins UK Award for Workplace Environment

PEER 1, the global Web hosting company based in Vancouver, British Columbia, has announced a recent award from the UK’s Great Place to Work Institute. The company’s London office was ranked among the top 25 best places to work in that country. PEER 1 was considered in the small business category and came in at number 16. One of their biggest rivals in the UK, Rackspace, placed just ahead in the number 12 slot.

The Great Place to Work Institute ranks companies based on more than 5,500 surveys conducted among various organizations around the world. All told the surveys take into account out some 10 million employees located on every continent. It’s no surprise that two web hosting companies cracked the top 25 list given the fact that the web hosting industry has long been considered one of the best in terms of workplace environments. In the past, even big names like GoDaddy have done extremely well in workplace environment surveys.

PEER 1 attributes their good showing largely to the fact that they adopted their top-notch customer service principles to the human resources department. The company uses creative recruitment methods to find the best workers possible then works hard to keep them the same way they work hard to keep their valued customers.

“Our staff focus on providing the service excellence which our customers expect, so we work hard to create a passionate and inspiring work environment for our staff, it’s a two way process,” said PEER 1’s Dominic Monkhouse. “Winning this ranking doesn’t mean our task is over, we’ll continue to enhance the PEER 1 workplace, to become the best place to work in the industry.”

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