PEER1 Lands 100th Partner in UK

Vancouver-based PEER1 announced today its 100th partner agreement in the UK. That new partner is e-commerce web developer iMegaMedia, based in London. This new partnership follows closely on the heels of another recent announcement detailing a deal between PEER1 and UK online retailer Magento. The two partnerships mean that iMegamedia will now begin implementing their Pay4Later payment module as part of a point of sale platform. Implementation of the module will begin with Magento e-stores, hosted by PEER1.

“We did extensive research as part of the process of choosing PEER1 Hosting as our partner,” said iMegaMedia Managing Director Paul Tarantino. “We considered all of the obvious choices but it quickly became apparent that nothing stacked up to PEER1’s offering. Not only is the flexible and scalable service second to none, frankly nobody else can offer the technology.”

What sets PEER1 apart is the fact that it owns its own state-of-the-art 10 GB fibre-optic network. That’s important when you consider speed is everything for an e-commerce platform. When high speeds are maintained customers experience a much smoother transaction which reduces bounce rates, lost transactions, and reset shopping carts. In addition, the fact that PEER1 owns its own network means that security threats are more tightly controlled.

PEER1 is a global Web hosting provider with operations in North America and Europe. Currently its fibre-optic network is built on the strength of 17 data centres, 10 collocation facilities, and the knowledge and expertise of its dedicated staff. Currently the company provides Web hosting services to more than 10,000 customers including 24/7 customer support and a 100% up-time guarantee. The company was founded in 1998 and maintains offices in Southampton, UK in addition to its Vancouver headquarters.

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