Phoenix NAP Responds to Customer Ideas with New Features

Phoenix NAP, a web and cloud hosting provider, unveiled two additional cloud features after it received feedback from its customers. The features, Network Storage and virtual machine Import/Export, further enhance its cloud product portfolio.

The Import/Export product allows users to migrate their operating system templates and business applications from the cloud quickly and efficiently. The press release accompanying the launch claimed it would support multiple image types, beginning with VMware, and additional formats supported according to popular demand. Users also have the option of importing their data to various directories, such as API. Clients can also migrate their data away from the cloud, based on their specific business needs.

The Network Storage feature streamlines a business’s storage demand using iSCSI and NFS storage services. It connects with virtual machines in different locations by using cache-heavy systems performing at the highest levels.

The director of cloud services William Bell said, “We are extremely thrilled to offer our Phoenix NAP Cloud customers with both Import/Export and Network Storage options.” He continued to say, “Each feature provides additional flexibility that enables users to manage their applications within virtual environments.”

Responding to feedback in such a positive way no doubt increases the stock of the company in the eyes of the industry, investors, and clients. Phoenix NAP recently created a customer feedback portal and many have presumed these features come as a direct result of dialogue through that portal.

Bell added, “Creating and maintaining a strong relationship with our end users is extremely important to us and after gaining their feedback, we pinpointed both Import/Export and Network Storage as two significant features that would enhance our cloud solution.” He also said of the future, “As we continue to develop our offering, we will continue to focus on adding functionalities that not only help improve the system overall, but provide added value to our users.”

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