Printing Shipping Labels Directly through Shopify


Shopify store owners have numerous options for handling shipping. For example, you can sign up directly for a shipping account with Canada Post, the U.S. Postal Service, or any number of private shippers. Shipping labels are purchased separately and attached to outgoing products. Another option is to print labels directly from your store, billed against your account by Shopify.

Printing labels directly through Shopify is a time saver in that everything can be done in one place. The only caveat here is that the cost of shipping labels is billed separately; it is not included in your monthly payment plan. Furthermore, cancelling a shipping label does not generate an account refund in cash. Rather, you would be given credit for purchasing future shipping labels.

Setting up to purchase and print shipping labels through Shopify is an easy two-step process:

Step #1 – Set up Your Default Shipper

You have to establish a default shipper in order to print shipping labels. Whether you use Canada Post or another supported shipper, navigate to the Shopify admin and then click on Settings> Shipping. You will be presented with a new page that allows you to choose your printer type. The printer choices are:

  • Desktop printer
  • DYMO label printer
  • ZEBRA label printer
  • Other label printer.

Shopify directly supports both DYMO and ZEBRA printers out-of-the-box. If you are using one of them, no additional configuration will be necessary. If you’re using a desktop or other model, you may have to experiment to get labels to print correctly.

Step #2 – Add Packages

This second step is necessary in order to create a default package type that your future labels will be based on. Don’t worry; you can always customize packages as orders come in. To set up your default package, click the ‘Add Package’ link that appears below the printer types. From there, you can create a custom package size or use a standard size from Canada Post for the USPS. You can add multiple package types as needed.

When you’re all done, click ‘Save’. You are now ready to purchase your first shipping label directly from Shopify. This is done by navigating to your Order Fulfilment page in the Shopify admin area.

Choose an order you want to fulfil and click the ‘Fulfil Items’ button at the bottom of the dialogue box. From there you should see a button that allows you to purchase a shipping label. Click it, then choose one of the packages you entered in step #2, account for the package weight, and choose one of the shipping options from your preferred shipper.

Keep in mind that certain taxes and tariffs may apply if you are shipping out of your country of origin. When you are ready, click the green button that says ‘Buy Label and Fulfil Items’. Shopify will send the label to your printer and bill your account.

That’s all there is to it. If you have questions, you can always contact the Shopify support team for help.

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