Putting Your Shopify Store ‘On Hold’


From time to time, online retailers need to take a break from business. But does that mean closing the store altogether? Not necessarily, especially if you are a Shopify user. Shopify makes it possible to put your store ‘on hold’ temporarily while paying a lower monthly fee.

Why put a Shopify store on hold? There are as many different reasons as there are Shopify retailers. Here are a few of the more common reasons:

  • Serious medical problems
  • Business reorganization
  • Significant loss of inventory
  • Emergencies and acts of God
  • Financial difficulties.

While some situations call for closing a store entirely, there are those business owners who can temporarily pause their businesses and then resume selling at a later date when circumstances improve. Below is an explanation of how to easily pause your Shopify store.

Pausing and Unpausing Your Store

Shopify refers to putting your online store on hold as ‘pausing’ it. It is extremely simple to do. Log in to your account as the owner and then navigate to Admin> Settings> Account. Then locate the Store Status section. You should see three choices:

  • Ask an expert
  • Pause your store
  • Close your store.

When you click ‘Pause your store’, you should see a message warning you that you will still be financially liable for any third-party services you use. In other words, Shopify will offer you a reduced rate as long as your store remains paused, but any other vendors whose services you purchase through third-party apps will still bill you their full amount. You’ll have to contact them to find out what can be done.

Once you have read the message, simply click ‘Pause store’, and you’re done. Should you decide to actually close in the future, just follow the same procedure but click the ‘Close store’ option instead.

To un-pause your store, log back in to your Shopify account as the owner. You will then be able to select a monthly plan for resuming sales. Note that according to the Shopify documentation, your account is not automatically returned to the same plan you had before. You will have to select a new plan to resume sales.

Pausing and Your Customers

You might be wondering what your customers would see should you decide to put your Shopify store on hold. First, your URL will remain intact for as long as your domain name remains registered. Customers visiting your store will still be able to see your products unless you specifically hide them by making your store password-protected. Prices and your shopping cart are automatically hidden.

Putting your Shopify store on hold is certainly not something online retailers dream about. But should it become necessary, the developers of the Shopify platform have made it easy to do. If you want complete details about pausing, unpausing, or closing your store, you can find all the information in the Shopify documentation. You can view it online at the Shopify website or download the user manual to your computer.

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