RackForce Announces New Hybrid Cloud Partnership

Canada’s RackForce took the occasion on Wednesday 16 November 2011 to announce a brand-new partnership that will enable the company’s hybrid cloud services to be offered through the ultra-high-speed Alberta SuperNet. The state-of-the-art Alberta SuperNet network is one of the fastest around, connecting a host of institutions around Alberta including government buildings, libraries, schools, and medical facilities. Axia is the operator of the fiber optic network.

According to RackForce officials, the partnership allows connections between its facilities in Alberta, Toronto, and Calgary, enabling them to significantly increase the quality, security, and level of speed for their Alberta customers. Their hybrid cloud services include a variety of options like network storage, dedicated hardware, and enterprise-level cloud computing. Each of their services is offered through several levels of options and support.

Despite its emphasis on enterprise level services, RackForce also makes a point of letting potential new customers know that they work with small businesses as well. According to the company’s official announcement earlier this week, they have long supported open network access and have made small business clients an integral part of their model.

Axia North America president Murray Sigler agreed with that assessment saying, “The power and reach of Alberta’s SuperNet combined with RackForce cloud services enables any size of organization in Alberta to really take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing.”

Rack Force is a Canadian-based provider of IT services and cloud computing with a client base covering more than 100 countries around the globe. Their partnership with Axia opens the door to network access in markets like France, Spain, the Northeast U.S., and Singapore.

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