RackForce Boosts Cloud-Enterprise Service

RackForce, a Canadian provider of web hosting services, announced it had added new features to its Cloud-Enterprise service. Amongst the services it included were increased scalability, a graphical dashboard, and co-managed support.

This is not the first time this year the company has added additional cloud services to its portfolio. It recently added an ultra high-speed network to its arsenal of hybrid cloud services. It has enabled it to compete in the open Canadian market where only a few competitors dominate. Customers look for new options; therefore, RackForce is best placed to fill the void.

The new scalability enhancements make RackForce’s cloud services amongst the best cloud services in North America, in terms of the level of scalability. They claim this can better help smaller businesses who need a tailored service.

Overall, this new scalability gives Cloud-E virtual machines a scalable RAM of 96GB, which is way up from its 24GB of RAM it had previously.

It continues also to provide hardware updates for its servers and its network. It increases the stability of the organisation’s operations and continues to provide an enhanced service for customers.

RackForce’s director of IT, Alex Shiskin commented on the situation: “Our customers are deploying applications on our cloud that are increasingly complex and demanding more resources. Our latest cloud upgrades enable us to be a step ahead of their needs.” He continued to say, “We don’t believe any other cloud provider can match the scalability of our cloud servers or storage products.”

Co-managed support now becomes a feature for all packages enabling clients to protect their systems and notify them of errors as and when they happen. It is an upgrade from its previous arrangements where co-managed support came only as a value-added service.

Users can also benefit from real-time monitoring with the new graphical dashboard. They can access it through their computer screens and their mobile devices, so they can check the health of their cloud VMs at any time.

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