Rackspace Acquires Email Application Integrator Mailgun

RackSpace, the cloud computing specialist, has enhanced its growing portfolio of cloud-based email services and applications this week with the acquisition of Mailgun, a provider of Web services for integrating email inboxes into applications. The financial terms of the deal have yet to be disclosed by either party, although the acquisition will be finalized this week (by August 31st, 2012).

Mailgun is integrated with platforms such as Heoku, AppFog, and Engine Yard and optimizes the email capability of applications and Websites with the analytics and data required to measure the impact via a set of APIs that allows its users to send, receive and track emails within their applications.

Senior VP of corporate development at Rackspace Pat Matthews spoke about the deal in a prepared statement, “Rackspace is dedicated to providing the tools that our customers need to build their technology stack on the Rackspace Open Cloud. Mail is a core component of nearly every Website and application today. Our customers are asking for this, and Mailgun is the right company to help us deliver it in a tightly integrated way.”

According the information put out by Rackspace, the Mailgun team will remain in their current headquarters in San Francisco and its engineers will add to the presence that Rackspace already has in the city.

Mailgun is excited to join the Rackspace family. We believe in their open cloud strategy, and we love the customer support mentality that permeates the company,” said Mailgun CEO Ev Kontsevoy in a joint press statement. “Like Rackspace, we want to provide developers with the right products to make the lives of developers easier and more productive. We look forward to continuing this mission with Rackspace and building a strong future together.”

Mailgun has also reassured current customers that nothing will change for them, with accounts and codes remaining the same.

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