RackSpace Acquires Exceptional Cloud Services

RackSpace has announced that it has completed the acquisition of event and error reporting service provider Exceptional Cloud Services.

The acquisition of the San Francisco-based provider is the latest in a series of acquisitions that fall in line with Rackspace’s strategy of increasing its range of developer tools. Exceptional Cloud Services provides the cloud-hosting provider with a renowned event and error reporting service.

This service sits in customer applications and collects data. If something goes wrong, the customer has a detailed breakdown of the error, and therefore a more informed view of who they should find to solve the problem.

The CEO of Exceptional Cloud Services, Jonathan Siegel said, “Our business has been growing and part of that reflects a trend in the way software is being developed. What we have found is that in this generation of web applications there has been an advantage to being able to outmanoeuvre your competitors, to be able to be responsive to your customer demands and to do that means you need to iterate your software quickly.”

The second part of the business, which now comes under the control of RackSpace, is Redis To Go. This in-memory NoSQL database adds a more complex data storage system and is a more enhanced version of Memcache. Developers often use it together with MongoDB for a more high-speed option.

In particular, observers highlighted this as a potentially highly lucrative strategy due to their recent acquisition of ObjectRocket. The RackSpace director of corporate strategy and development, Bret Piatt said, “The ObjectRocket team had a Redis service on their roadmap, and this will allow them to speed up their delivery there.”

The terms of the acquisition were made partially available to the general public. Most notably, Siegel will remain as the CEO for Exceptional Cloud Services. The whole team will move in to Rackspace’s San Francisco offices.

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