RackSpace Acquires MongoDB Database ObjectRocket

Web and cloud hosting provider RackSpace has completed its takeover of ObjectRocket. This MongoDB database is a service company that will play a part in helping RackSpace’s OpenStack platform offer the NoSQL DBaaS service.

The takeover comes at a time when RackSpace is beginning to unveil its strategy for 2013 in its entirety. Although the takeover is a big move for this organisation, it refused to reveal anything about the financial details.

Observers applaud RackSpace for the move as the 451 Group recently conducted a study that highlighted how revenue from NoSQL software will grow by 82% each year until at least 2015.

NoSQL is a type of data management approach that helps users overcome troubles dealing with large sets of distributed data. It includes a wide range of situations and targets an extremely large audience. This will add flexibility to RackSpace’s OpenStack platform and will no doubt give it an advantage over its competitors.

ObjectRocket’s services will formally become a part of RackSpace from March. However, the full integration of its services into the company’s open cloud portfolio will not occur until much later; no specific timeframe was given for this.

The senior vice president of corporate development, Pat Matthews, spoke for RackSpace, “Databases are the core of any application and expertise in the most popular database technologies will be critical to us delivering support in the open cloud.”

The co-founder of ObjectRocket, Chris Lalonde, also spoke about platform and the merger, “Since the beginning, our focus has been on creating a DBaaS platform that would perform, scale and support critical workloads in a superior manner. Joining forces with RackSpace will enable us to achieve this goal, while delivering MongoDB DBaaS solutions on the market.”

There was no word on how the merger would affect the corporate structure of ObjectRocket following its complete integration with RackSpace.

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