Rackspace Adds New Features for Private Cloud Software

Global web hosting provider Rackspace has released a number of new features to enhance the level of support offered to customers utilising cloud software.

Rackspace’s remote access tools are at the heart of these new changes, which spells an upgrade for the firm’s Private Cloud Software as a whole. Also known as Alamo, the company included new features and better support mechanisms.

Mike Asechliman, the head of Private Cloud Engineering and Products for Rackspace, commented on the new upgrades which would allow customers to deploy new support options in a similar way to OpenStack wherever they are situated: “With the new release, we can now offer Fanatical Support to customers’ cloud software using our remote access tools.”

Core software support allowing customers to take advantage of support remotely and is the most anticipated feature of this new Private Cloud Software.

When somebody uses this new support option it gives the signal to engineers to log in to the cloud system and perform any necessary services, such as patching, configuration, and troubleshooting.

Another feature is the scalable Block Storage option. This transforms any external storage into more storage volume for the private cloud as a whole. The company spoke about how they based Block Storage on OpenStack Cinder.

OpenStack Swift powers another new addition to the Private Cloud. Dubbed as Object Storage, this allocated scalable storage pools for customers to store files and images. The beauty is in where the server stores these items since commodity hardware dramatically reduces costs.

Along with the new Private Cloud Software, the package includes the newest release of OpenStack Cloud Software.

Observers expect this latest release to propel Rackspace further into market dominance. It’s certainly one of the big players in the cloud computing industry, and this latest release cements its dominance and commitment to remaining in this favourable position.

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