RackSpace Adds New Set of Features for Private Cloud Software

Prominent global organisation RackSpace announced it had added a new wave of features for its Private Cloud Software. This includes a graphical user interface called OpenCenter and an open source management API.

It is the third update to this product in six months. The senior vice president and general manager for the company, Jim Curry, said the updates would enhance simplicity and enable customers to seamlessly transition through the system.

OpenCenter acts as a dashboard for managing the infrastructure of the Private Cloud. Administrators can use it to deploy additional features and services through a simple interface, which utilises the drag-and-drop system. Advanced users have access to a command line tool.

This is not the first time a company has switched to this graphical interface system. Customers have reported how the graphical interface makes things easier to understand. It also makes altering files more efficient as users can target exactly what they require in an instant.

As well as the OpenCenter addition, the Private Cloud gives users the power to choose their own operating host to utilise. Before this change, RackSpace only allowed its customers to use the Ubuntu operating system. This restricted its customer base, as many people did not know how to use it. The changes mean users have access to RHEL, Ubuntu, and CentOS hosting operators.

The company also said this was not the end of the updates for the Private Cloud in 2013. They said it was essentially still a work in progress and they wanted to perfect it. Changes to the system were not revealed, but representatives did claim they wanted to improve delivery, portability, network inoperability and they also wanted to enhance the integration of the system.

Observers claimed this would bring more customers towards RackSpace, which is growing into a global powerhouse in the fledgling cloud hosting industry.

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