Rackspace Announces New Cloud Consulting Services

As the business world slowly but progressively moves away from traditional web hosting and into the Cloud, American web hosting company Rackspace is aiming to be on the cutting edge. A few months ago the company launched Rackspace Cloud: Private Edition, a new service for enterprise customers with OpenStack Clouds. Now they’ve followed that up with the creation of a new consulting service aimed at helping clients make the transition to the cloud environment.

The new service is being called Rackspace Advisory Services. It will provide unbiased and detailed information needed by customers in order to complete a smooth and uninterrupted migration from their current platform to the cloud. One of its premier products, known as IT Evolution Workshops, will work with enterprise customers to analyze their current platform and then recommended the best solutions. It’s expected the choice of solutions will include public, private, and hybrid environments. Already nearly 100 customers have taken advantage of the IT Evolution Workshops.

Rackspace Advisory Services includes the company’s “Fanatical Support” throughout the entire process, from strategic planning to solution recommendations to actual deployment. Each client will be assessed for cloud readiness and be assigned to a specific team that will analyze the current platform, the applications being used, and the specific ways the environment is being maximized. Rackspace system architects will then help design and deploy the appropriate cloud solution.

If the company’s new service meets expectations they should see a significant amount of migration to their Private Edition cloud environment. As evidenced by surveys conducted over the last 12 months of good number of enterprise clients interested in the cloud have thus far failed to migrate because of a fear of the unknown. Rackspace Advisory Services exists to ease that fear for their clients.

For more information, visit http://www.rackspace.com.

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