Rackspace Announces that AppCluster Will Now be Available to Customers

It was announced earlier this month that Sanbolic’s AppCluster would now be made available to the customers of webhosting giant Rackspace after a recent partnership.

The data management software maker released AppCluster for the purposes of providing automatic administration for databases. These databases are situated in SQL enterprise environments. What it’s designed to do is to make the DBA’s function much simpler as it’s been deployed within IaaS environments.

Specifically, it will work with the LaScala volume manager and Melio FS file system, which are two Sanbolic solutions. It will also be able to make fail-over and load-balancing much simpler for users.

Customers will experience a large number of benefits. The vice president of worldwide channel spaces for Rackspace, Christopher Rajiah, stated that: “This effort will enable existing and future SQL Server users to confidently move this area of their IT infrastructure into the cloud to dramatically lower the associated costs and management burden, while enjoining high availability and on-demand scalability.” It’s to be said, though, that it’s the technical developers who will benefit the most from this partnership.

It’s a major part of Rackspace’s strategy as it’s recently joined the OpenStack Foundation and has handed over a lot of its codes as part of a global project that encompasses most of the major web hosts of the world. Bringing in Sanbolic, a data management software developer that’s known by few, shows that it’s moving forward in an expansionist manner.

Together with Microsoft, Rackspace is attempting to gain more of a share in the markets by teaming up with a variety of third-party companies. The new relationship with Sanbolic demonstrates this approach, although it’s nothing new as a number of other global web hosts have decided to use the same tactics.

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