RackSpace Backs New State Farm Application

RackSpace was announced as the backer for State Farm, the new web-based application designed to help insurance customers store their entire home inventories. Users will be able to claim back on each item through their insurance policy.

The new State Farm application is engineered towards customers who currently own a homeowners insurance policy. It can be difficult to remember each item in the home if the time ever comes to claim on the policy. With the State Farm app, customers will have the opportunity to log each item in their home for use if they need it later on.

Data for the app will be stored on remote servers available through web browsers formatted exclusively for mobile devices and tablet computers. Users will be able to begin their claim from this platform. State Farm officials commented on the app as vital, especially in Central Texas where hundreds of people lost everything as a result of recent wildfires.

A spokesperson for the app’s Texas branch, Patti Kelly, commented: “State Farm HomeIndex allows customers to easily inventory their personal property, evaluate their current coverage and recover quickly in the event of a loss. She went on to say: “The information is stored virtually and can be accessed using multiple devices, wherever the customer is, at any time.”

RackSpace is currently working with State Farm to help host the new app. The insurance company intends on making the service free to all of its customers. They say it’s vital after a National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) investigation demonstrated up to 59% of Americans have no formal home inventory they can use in the event of loss.

Customers who do not hold a policy with this insurance company will still be able to access the app, although there will be a small fee attached to the download.

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