Rackspace Collaborates to Bring Hadoop Platform to the Cloud

Global web hosting provider Rackspace, best known for its advances with the cloud, has announced its collaboration with Apache Hadoop and Hortonworks to bring a new Hadoop platform to the world of cloud computing.

Rackspace announced it would be using this new collaboration to focus on simplifying the process of implementing Big Data applications. The new platform would make things simpler and less time-consuming for customers.

Using the expertise of training company Hortonworks and the support and development benefits offered by Apache Hadoop, these three companies will be able to deliver a Hadoop application based on OpenStack. The new platform could be applied within a matter of minutes and would be available for both the private and public cloud.

Rackspace will be the company which takes command of the release of the new Hadoop service. Hortonworks will take control of the validation and support processes. Customers will have no problem running the new service using the existing infrastructure offered by Rackspace.

Hortonworks will primarily offer customer support and guidance in deploying the new platform to the cloud.

Rackspace and Hortonworks will combine their expertise again by conflating their technical certification solutions for use with the cloud software offered by Rackspace and the data platform solutions offered through Hortonworks.

CTO John Engates of Rackspace commented that the partnership was intending on turning the Hadoop platform into a service which can be used on-demand. He went on to say the new service would be able to run on the open cloud, whilst existing in clusters through the private cloud system. The same things apply whether talking about Rackspace’s data centres or the customer’s centres. Overall, he said: “The Hortonworks Data platform packages the open source Apache version of Hadoop.”

The new partnership is expected to make Rackspace a much more attractive proposition for customers who make regular use of the cloud, which observers say will help strengthen the web host’s position in the market.

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