Rackspace Holds 6th Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive

Over the weekend (17-18 November, 2012) Rackspace, the global hosting provider, held its 6th annual Thanksgiving drive in San Antonio; where the organisation’s firm bases itself.

It created a makeshift food distribution centre at its headquarters in San Antonio using cars lined up around the side of the centre. To create an atmosphere the company recruited the help of a K-Rack DJ who played various remixes of popular party music. Volunteers from the company and their families came to help give over a thousand turkeys to the underprivileged. As well as turkeys, visitors were invited to tuck in to pumpkins, watermelons, tea, coffee, and yoghurt.

Over 1,270 food boxes were distributed with the rest of the ingredients to create a scrumptious Thanksgiving meal. Some of the boxes were even decorated to add to the festive feel. Mark Reonigk, the Chief Operating Officer of Rackspace commented: “We are trying to make it a fun thing. People should not feel bad that they are coming to get food for their thanksgiving.”

Two Rackspace employees added to the party by dressing up as turkeys and dancing along to the music in the parking lot, whilst greeting guests. Jana Martinez, a resident who appeared at the event, said: “The music helps it out and everyone is so friendly.” She continued: “It makes it not seem like we need the help so much.”

The 6th annual Thanksgiving food drive is one of Rackspace’s most famous events. Involving over 1500 employees, the firm spent $10,000 on the turkeys alone; in collaboration with the San Antonio Food Bank. Over 1,000 local families were treated to this charity event. It’s one of the biggest events in the company’s history and its set to only get bigger.

Reonigk shared the importance of giving back to the community: “Our business model is very successful so we’re very, very blessed and we like to give back to the community.”

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