Rackspace Introduces Cloud Monitoring

Web-hosting giant Rackspace has introduced a new tool that allows them to monitor IT infrastructure across the world, spot any problems and rectify them before they disrupt services.

The tool, called Cloud Monitoring, includes an API design and will give users the flexibility of monitoring websites and applications that run on numerous different platforms. Cloud Monitoring is based on technology from Cloudkick, a Rackspace-owned company. Since being acquired by Rackspace back in 2010, the Cloudkick team has been working on incorporating its monitoring service into the Rackspace product, finally seeing the rewards with the introduction of Cloud Monitoring.

“This is something that doesn’t just work at Rackspace, but it works across services that run anywhere. So it could be one of our competitors or on-premise. Everything that has an IP address we can monitor,” said John Engates CTO at Rackspace. “We want to make sure customers have the freedom, choice and flexibility to do what they need to do on their own terms, and not be dictated to,” he continued.

According to Engates, Rackspace has been hard at work over the past couple of years to develop and include API (Application Programming Interface) with the aim of making the service as flexible as possible.

“The API is the real power behind the service. It gives customers not just a user interface or front end, but also access to the monitoring engine that Rackspace uses behind the scene,” said Engates.

The API is based on the increasingly popular Node.js, a program well-regarded for its ability in allowing users to build scalable network applications quickly.

Cloud Monitoring will run on Rackspace’s data centers in the US, UK and Hong Kong and will cost from $1.50 per check.

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