Rackspace Leaves OpenStack Codes to the Foundation

On September 20, 2012, web host Rackspace announced that it would be transferring everything to do with OpenStack to the recently-formed OpenStack Foundation. Essentially, it’s left OpenStack to the community, although as members of the foundation it will retain some limited control.

Rackspace has fulfilled its promise of a year ago where it promised to hand over all codes and intellectual property to the foundation. The OpenStack Foundation was formed for this purpose and currently has 5,600 individual members and 850 organisations included, as well as a number of prominent web hosting companies.

Two of Rackspace’s employees are on the board of directors, of which there are 24. It also has one member on the Technical Committee, which consists of 13 members who are appointed via election. This committee will lead the daily decision making and the various projects that OpenStack is involved in.

In total, 550 different developers have contributed pieces of code. It now consists of a grand total of half a million lines of code and is an increase from the eight companies who were working on OpenStack just a year ago.

OpenStack is now completely out of Rackspace’s hands and they will only have limited control. The control that depends entirely on how many members they have on the various boards and committees that makes up the foundation. It’s designed to put the project in the hands of the community to allow free evolution over the coming years.

As of this writing, the plan that the OpenStack Foundation has set up includes a new release by the end of September, 2012. There’s expected to be updates to the Dashboard, additional security features, and Block Storage. October will see a further design summit with more releases to come in April of next year.

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