Rackspace Opens Data Centre in Australia

Global cloud-computing and web-hosting provider Rackspace has announced that it will open its first data centre in one hall of the new Digital Reality Sydney data centre complex. The opening of the data centre is part of a multi-million dollar investment drive in Australia and comes as a result of increasing demand from customers for Rackspace to adhere to New South Wales information laws.

“Rackspace will not transfer customer owned data from our Australia data centre to a law enforcement agency of another country including the US without a customer’s consent unless it is compelled to do so by Australian law,” said Rackspace general counsel Alan Schoenbaum.

Data hosted in Australia by Rackspace is subject to the same laws as cloud services operated by wholly owned Australian companies,” added Mr. Schoenbaum.

Rackspace already provides hosting services to significant number of Australian companies and has promised to pour in tens of millions dollars into the data hub.

In a story published by leading media outlet The Australian, New South Wales Deputy Premier and Trade Minister Andrew Stoner was happy with the investment, saying, “Sydney and New South Wales are well-positioned for growth in the expanding global digital economy and Rackspace’s investment is another significant vote of confidence in our capacity for innovation and collaboration across the ICT sector.”

The Digital Reality data centre from where Rackspace will operate is currently under development and will include four data halls. The Rackspace data hall will include 1.4mw of power, enough to handle around 400 cabinets of full kit. 50 new jobs are set to be created as a result.

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