Rackspace Opens Next-Generation OpenStack Training Program

Rackspace recently opened its new OpenStack training program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The company revealed its successful launch via a blog post on their website. It stated that over 20 students would receive a monster 12-hour introductory lesson on OpenStack from its professional training team.

The 2013 Independent Activities Period run by MIT is a four-week program run throughout the month of January. Members of the MIT community gain experience in a variety of activities from professionals who visit the institute.

Employers are reportedly looking for IT expertise in the field of OpenStack. Rackspace is the first organisation to offer training for this platform outside of its own work environment. It is essential for organisations like Rackspace to invest in OpenStack training since its entire cloud platform utilises it to provide quality cloud hosting to its customers. The organisation’s efforts are a part of identifying potential team members for the future.

Representatives from Rackspace claimed they intended its training sessions to last for a period of four days. Unfortunately, MIT’s schedule is extremely hectic so they condensed the session into a 12-hour burst. Some students will also receive pre-work to help them prepare for the course.

Rackspace’s technical training manager, Byron McCollum claimed the classroom uses something called ‘Cloud in a Box.’ This system, he said in a video blog, uses Ethernet switches, power adapters, 24 Dell laptops, and power cables to control the classroom. He said the main advantage of ‘Cloud in a Box’ was that, “It’s completely self-contained. We can come in anywhere and set it up to teach OpenStack.”

The training sessions place Rackspace in a prominent position within the cloud hosting industry as OpenStack is continuing to gain ground as the platform of choice. A recent investment of $10 million from Dell Ventures highlights this commitment to the future.

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